Case study: Major Automotive Parts Supplier


To be a successful automotive engineering/retailer business requires a distribution system that delivers the right parts to customers on time. At the core of this operation is a 6,000-strong team in 600 branches and 10 warehouses across Australia.

As a progressive business, this motor vehicle parts distributor is committed to improving customer experience and product availability. For this, the company identified exactly where they could sharpen their competitive advantage – accurate dimensional master data.

The challenge

As the company pursues aggressive growth strategies, they identified several areas to “plug the leaks”. One of these was managing dimensional master data.

They required a dimensioning solution that ticked the following:

  • Cutting edge
  • Could be used across their wide network of warehouses (across Australia and New Zealand)
  • Cost effective
  • Accurate master data
  • Real-time

Enter skumaster

Through a stringent market evaluation process, a few solutions were identified as fit for purpose. However, most of them were extremely expensive and not portable

With one exception – skumaster.


Due to its size and coverage, the company required some customisations in the form of bridging systems to integrate with the skumaster solution. However, skumaster alone required only 3 hours to set up and start using. This included the time required to train the team using the product.


  • Lowest investment compared to similar solutions allowed the company to utilise funds for other areas of the business
  • Portability enabled the team to easily move back and forth across large warehouse spaces
  • Real-time updates to the ERP system (click → scan → done methodology) allowed immediate use of information
  • Increased productivity thanks to less manpower, saving on time, data accuracy and centralised data collection

At the time of writing, the inventory management team at one of the distribution warehouses had been using skumaster for approximately 7 hours. During this short period, they had successfully scanned, measured, and updated over 250 SKUs.

With the benefits we’re seeing already, skumaster has begun paying for itself. It has become a crucial to our automation work, which includes enhancing our master data. 

It is the best solution on the market – portable, doesn’t break your bank and super-easy to start using. We’re rolling it out across all our warehouses.”

Senior Executive

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